I provide a unique learning experience, including my own custom made resources to specifically target the needs and interests of your child.

Group Work

As part of providing a fun, friendly and relatable learning experience, I am available to work with small groups in school. As a professional that has worked with children with a number of special educational needs, this is a perfect service to cater for those that struggle to cope in class.

Extra Help

As part of a holistic learning experience, I advise and work on all areas of the curriculum. I will help your child with anything from reading, writing and maths; to sport, being active and healthy living.

Hourly Sessions

Book an hourly session with me, a trained professional, with over 5 years experience in classroom teaching.

For All Ages

I have teaching experience predominantly in a primary school setting, and have also taught in secondary schools. Whatever the age of your child, the service I provide will be tailored to their learning needs.

Would you like to see a lesson plan?